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Welcome on the internet pages of the staff + sword training group in Esslingen !

Nothing is impossible !  This idea doesn't remove any physical limits. But many people experience amazing developments they would have never believed beeing capable before.

Aikido may be practised with as well as without the traditional weapons Jo (staff) and Bokken (sword of wood). The philosophy of the far east you can meet there in a very practical way.

The concepts and movements applied in the stick and sword courses have their origin in the teachings of the japanese grandmaster Hirokazu Kobayashi from Osaka, well known for ergonomically elaborated, precise and effective techniques as well as a decided upright attitude. The health of the practicants he regarded as a high level commandment and so it is still for us. Thus we don't practise e.g. "Shikko" (walking on the knees). For Hirokazu Kobayashi Shihan the three sections of Aikido, i. e.

    • AikiTai  (Aikido with the body)
    • AikiJo   (Aikido with the Jo - the wooden staff)
    • AikiKen (Aikido with the Bokken - the wooden sword)

were always equivalent.

To learn and improve Aikido skills with staff and sword needs the same effort as Aikido without weapons. Since 1990 there exists a training facility exclusively for Aikido with staff and sword in Weinsberg close to Heilbronn. In order to support the Aikido groups in the districts of Esslingen and Göppingen (south of Stuttgart) a corresponding facility was established in Esslingen-Zell in 2002, since developing with the logistic and personal assistance of  the Aikido 3A Germany association into a regional training centre for AikiJo and AikiKen. Recently we have moved to the Zollberg of Esslingen (for details, see bottom of this text)

As some of us are learning Aikiken and Aikijo already for many years, there is a potential difference obvious compared to newbies and this difference is naturally further increasing. Thus we offer regularly introductional courses for Aikidoka with minor experiences as well as interested individuals without any Aikido skills. Furthermoe we will give active support to beginners to switch to the advanced class after the introductional course.

We are a free training group. There is no membership necessary and Aikidoka of all styles are welcome. We are financing the training facility with the contributions of the participants (8 EURO per evening or 80 EURO per half year).


Location: Gymnasium of the Rohräckerschule Esslingen-Zollberg, Traifelbergstr. 2 (Aikidoinfo-Map)

Schedule:   thursdays  7:00 - 8:00 h p.m. - Introductional classes (no permanent courses)

                                   8:00 - 9.30 h p.m. - Advanced classes (permanent classes)

                                   no classes during school holidays

The classes are instructed by Walter Oelschläger (Shihan, 6. Dan) and Christine Schmidt (4. Dan).





last update of this page:    25.03.2018