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AikiTai - Aikido with the body


In the broad public Aikido is mostly equalized with AikiTai, although AikiTai is only a part of Aikido.

Why ? In many Aikido styles and schools mainly Aikido without weapons is teached. AikiJo und AikiKen are not or only weakly tyed in many schools. Iaido and Jodo are something different. Partly AikiJo and AikiKen are getting discovered gradually since only a few years. Consequently the general public image of Aikido is dominated by AikiTai.

In AikiTai, that means Aikido with the body, joint and armlock techniques as well as throw techniques are practised. That is rather physical and many techniques are performed in close contact with a partner as an attacker.

The health of the practicants we regard as a high level commandment. In order to allow lock and throw techniques without risk for the health of the thrown one, a comprehensive education in and a permanent practice of rolling and breakfalls are absolutely necessary. You can really talk of an art of rolling and falling. As a side effect you get an excellent whole body workout that results in a good and an elastic body tonus.

In Aikido the energy of the attacker (push or pull, impuls of movement, e.g.) does not get blocked, but turned round. The attacker's energy is turned back to him or is turned in the void This principle is applied in every field of Aikido.


In Esslingen-Zell we don't practise AikiTai, we are a special training facility only for AikiJo and AikiKen. You may practice AikiTai in other Aikido dojos nearby.







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